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Sunrise 20080804

Posted by
Tony Duque (Raleigh, NC, United States) on 13 August 2009 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

Great reason to be an early riser... catch a beautiful three-tiered summer sky at sunrise (back on Aug 4, 2008 in this shot from my archive... clouds and light rain in the Raleigh area this 20090813 Thursday).

Nothing speaks as powerfully to life's opportunity as a sunrise, and I am drawn to witness and record them.

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Oh no, rainy morning!!!! This must have been a beautiful morning, with all the different layers...... What a shot!!!

13 Aug 2009 1:30pm

@Susan: To be honest, I was tickled when I realized there wasn't going to be a sunrise event this morning... more than happy to be able to peruse the archive for a stand-in shot, and very when I realized I hadn't ever re-posted this one. The layering was really cool, and I don't think I've seen that phenom to that extent. Glad you liked it, too!

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

For the movement of the sun to the other shot...... yes, it was using layers, but it is SOOOOOO easy.... if you have Photoshop, I will write you step by step instructions.... it's that easy.... and for the 2 shots being at different focal lengths, I actually enlarged the size of the sun shot, before I moved the sun into the other.... otherwise, it would have been way too tiny!!!! I think you should post the newly created shot, next time you have a cloudy day!!! see what everyone thinks!!!

13 Aug 2009 8:47pm

@Susan: That's what I'd heard... it was pretty easy. You bet, send me some cook-book instructions.
I've added the mashup pic you created to the 20090810 post... thanks, again, for taking that on... great fun!

Leena from Joensuu, Finland

This is somehow heart breaking image, it is such a beauty with all those elements.

And doing it it is not easy :)
I have Photoshop Elements 6 and I tried put together two photo or pick up something - no success!
Do you have a different version of Photosho Susan ? Can you send that email also for me ?
I think, they have done all in difficult way in Elements ;)
May be also, that I did not use tome to find out, but those layers ???

14 Aug 2009 6:42am

@Leena: Hi, Leena! Thanks for your V&C. Now listen, if the image tugs at your heart strings because it's so beautiful, that's a good thing. But if the image is heart breaking because it makes you sad, we need to talk about that! ;-) First, you need to fully understand Susan's comment, and I don't think you did. Susan was referring to her post-processing/Photoshop effort on the two images I posted on 20090810: she borrowed the sun from one image and added it to the other twilight image, to create this mashup image. Except for a tiny bit of color correction, the image above, archived from 20080804, hasn't been altered... it really had those interesting layers and colors and really was that beautiful! Happy Friday to you!

Leena from Joensuu, Finland

tome = time, sorry :)

14 Aug 2009 6:43am

Leena from Joensuu, Finland

You can be sure, that the photo`s beauty made my heart happily "broken" :)

I understood, that it was not this photo, but I did not know, what was going on
I really can not use those layers in Photoshop and now we are going to get a 6th grandchild - so, perhaps I never have time to learn layers in Photoshop, BUT it is worthless compared with my life with my big family, especially when I myself was the only child.

Good weekend to you Tony!

15 Aug 2009 9:12am

@Leena: Thanks for the clarification. We have achieved complete understanding! You'll get a kick out of this aspect of what wasn't being understood. When you were talking about layers, I thought you were referring to the layers in the sky, but I see now that you were really talking about Photoshop layers. Very funny!
I agree about how we chose to spend our time, and that these grandchildren are the priority for you and me at this time. Layers will be there when they're in high school, and I really don't need them at all to enjoy my hobby! Good Sunday to you, Leena!

oana from alba iulia, Romania

Romantic too!
The very small, but powerful sun with some nice clouds . The blue sky is giving me an optimist feeling, even if at the begining the sunrise seems to bee "a little dark"! The light is changing then the skys reflection and it s making the sky "warmer" (yes, I know that "blue" is a "could" color, but here I notice a "warm" blue - very nice!)
A beautiful sunrise :)

15 Aug 2009 5:58pm

@oana: Yes, romantic, too... you're absolutely right, Oana! Thanks for your visit and your very nice and comprehensive comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed my picture!

clear01 from Washington DC, United States

Wow very nice. The colors and light are fantastic.

28 Aug 2009 1:48am

@clear01: Hi, clear01! Thanks for your visit & comment... I really appreciate both! Very glad to know you enjoyed that shot. It really was sort of different, with those three distinctly colored layers.